Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maladaptive Behavior, Anarchy, Atheism.

The refusal to recognize any authority beyond that of your own personal judgment is perhaps the most rebellious act a human being can attempt. I have attempted such an act, though I am not acting as much as I am experimenting. The laws of nature are just seemingly there until one comes up and bites you. Human law, the written law, is an active predator and seeks out the weak and the ignorant and punishes them. Stupidity should be an excuse for most crimes, but it is not. The law is the law. How hilarious.

I day dream of walking into churches with atheist pamphlets and a megaphone. GOD is a LIE, I scream at the top of my lungs. YOU DON'T NEED THIS! GOOD WILL COMES FROM MAN!
I imagine this, but I'll never do it. I don't want to risk it. I don't relish the idea of a crowd of angry Baptists trying to "convert" me. I don't think that it would accomplish much beyond pissing those people off.

God sticks with people. The idea. And it permeates every aspect of their reality. Actually it's really quite brilliant. We must recognize that it is little more than mind control. It manufactures perspective instead of allowing for people to develop their own. Asking god = praying. Asking a priest or a minister is the same as calling an 800 line. Instead of hot sex, you get advice. You get direction. You get a sense that someone out there cares about you.

It is no wonder there is still prostitution. I don't know many men who are comforted by what the church has to offer, which is why I think they have become increasingly effite in the last thirty years or so.

They offer peace, or they threaten you with doom and damnation. The peace they offer comes at a price of obedience and commitment. You must pay.

Once you see the relationships between people as arbitrary, then all hierarchies are worthy of scrutiny. There is no final solution to any social problem.

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