Monday, June 29, 2009

Revenge in 3 micro acts.

1. Exterior. Night. Poodles (Strip Joint) North side.

I started shooting the instant the doors closed behind Kyle. I stood away from the front entrance and just walked with him as he tried to squirm and jump out of the way. The 9mm was cheap and the bullets were free, so I didn’t spare any. I finished the clip at the base of his spine and dropped it. Cindy had told me that he took Clay home that night. I remembered how horrible he looked the next day, but none of it made sense until I found out you were dead. Clay hasn’t been around since.
I was already in the car and off the lot when the other door guy came running out of the front. He could call the plates in all he wanted. The little Honda was clean. Dark tint. Primer gray.
It was at the back of Yeg’s Towing in 15 minutes.
I slipped Yeg a dime and picked up the keys to an old Cadillac.
I headed South.

2. Interior. Cadillac. 45 South

I couldn’t stop. I remembered your face. When you quit, you said you were moving back to west Texas . . .take it easy for a while. In the country. Quiet. But I guess Things got bad. And then. Worse. I never thought you’d go back to Clay.
There was a large bag in the front seat next to me.
I had stuffed it full earlier. I had bought a city workers uniform from a resale shop. The hat and the dust mask/goggles. . . I got them at Home Depot. I got the big Sledge Hammer there too. I parked the ‘Lac about six blocks away from Clay’s and changed clothes.
3. Exterior. Sunrise. South side. Suburbs. Pink Brick House.

I was acting like I was reading the meter next to his front door. I knocked and when he saw the overalls and the hat he opened the door. I hit him in the chest with the hammer and he almost folded in half. I dragged him out into the yard by his boxers. It was strange the way it drove pieces of his skull in to the soft grass. Dull thuds. He stopped moving after the ninth or tenth swing.
I left the mess and the clothes and set it all on fire. I threw the lighter fluid bottle in after. It exploded when I was almost 2 blocks away. I had shorts and sandals in the bag. I spent the rest of the morning on the brown beach staring out at the Gulf. I saw lots of lights and heard the sirens, but none of them came to get me.
I took care of everything. Not too many pieces to put together. Neither of them knew me well. Only you Val. He’ll never hurt you again. Never.
Even if they do find me and put me away, I hear women’s prison is a joke these days…Rest in peace My Darling Girl. I love you.

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